List of Online Schools – Is This Online University Right For You?

By | May 21, 2023

Online schools could provide the solution to many of the problems faced by mature students. With more and more people finding that they need extra qualifications to advance in the employment market, mature students are often faced with a dilemma; how to obtain those coveted higher educational qualifications whilst juggling work, family and financial commitments. By studying through online schools, students are able to maintain their current standard of living, while working towards a better lifestyle.

Allthough I reside in Texas, I do know that a good list of online schools are available in Texas. But there are many other list of onlilne schools around the nation offering courses in every subject and specialty area. Whatever your area of interest, you will be able to find a program that will suit your needs and give you the education and training you’re looking for.

But because there are so much information and options available on online universities; it sometimes can be difficult to choose which online universities to enroll for your degree program?

Hence, if you decide to earn your degree online, which is the best online university for you? I can honestly say that online education has it’s risk, but a well run program requires a great deal of self motivation and discipline. I have a college degree and have taken classes both in a class room and from a distance.

So which list of online schools are you interested in? Do you know? Have you found that right oline accredited school? If not, let me provide you with a short list of online schools to get things started on your search:

1) University of Phoenix – A well recognized and good reputation online university. Employers consistently regard the students coming out of University of Phoenix Online as prepared for the job market and as a result, a degree from University of Phoenix Online, more than any other online university, confers marketability.

2) DeVry University – One of the oldest and most widely recognized online universities. DeVry is an accredited school offering studies in the areas of business, technology, healthcare technology and management. DeVry provides assistance in job placement and many companies actively hire from DeVry.

Other good reputation and well known list of online schools include:

- Everest College
- Kaplan University
- Concord Law School
- Berkeley College
- South University

There are many more list of online schools on the net, you just have to do some thorough research to find the right one in your hometown. Each good online university has it pros and cons against their competitors. To maximize the investment on your education, you must choose the best list of online schools which meets your career goals.